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What are Video Claims for Motor Insurance?

​Surveyors have always been an integral part of motor insurance. A motor insurance claim has been managed by insurers through surveyors. These are the people who come to the garage to inspect the damages done to the vehicle and then predict the cost needed for the repair. The surveyors need to examine the vehicle physically and submit the report to the insurer, based on which the compensation amount was released. 

The private sector has been extensively using technology to improve their services. This technological game has brought in a huge advantage for these private firms, this is why these sectors have been able to capture 60% of the market share in terms of premium collection. 

Previous Process

The traditional process for making a claim was tedious. You have to inform the insurer about the accident. The surveyor will come on the scene to analyze the extent of the accident and the whole situation. Later, when the car is taken to the network garage the surveyor will again visit the garage according to their schedule to check and estimate the cost of repairs. This double visit by the surveyor was what made all this a tedious process. It also eliminates the necessity of submitting physical documents. 

You can now buy car insurance or two wheeler insurance online as well as offline simply. The claim now can also be done online in a hassle freeway. 

How does the new Video claim service for Motor insurance works?

Reliance General has developed a dedicated app for this purpose. The workshop advisor connects the surveyor through audio/video calls. The advisor has been trained properly to help the surveyor inspect the car by making a video. Proper documents and photos of all the damages must be uploaded on the app. The surveyor takes necessary screenshots during the video. In this way, the whole process is completed in a few minutes.

By eliminating the need for a surveyor visiting the workshop, the process becomes easy, not only for the insurance but for an insurance company as well. In this way, the claim is handled by the insurer directly. As soon as the repair is done the claim amount is released to the insured person. 

How has this helped the insurance process?

More customers: 

With newer technology adaptation and a simple process, more people are signing for a comprehensive plan. Due to the hassle of getting the car claim people previously were not very sure about the process. With more relaxed process insurers have seen an increase in the number of people opting for comprehensive plans.

Claim Settlement Ratio: 

Due to slow process the claim ratio was also low in the earlier phases. The easy process has now led to an increase in the claim settlement ratio.

7-day inspection brought down to minutes: 

Previously claim settlement was a slow process. It took days for the surveyor to inspect the vehicle and file the claim. Now with online inspection, all the process is done online, the surveyor can predict the cost of repair online. 

Buy motor insurance online from Reliance General to enjoy all benefits!​