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Travel Insurance to USA Coverage Details

​​USA is preferred destination for travelers around the world be it for the purpose of leisure or studies. It hosts some of the best universities in the world and is very famous for its cultural landscape, sky scrapers, sunny beaches and travel destinations. The cost of medical expenses is too high in the US so before planning a trip to USA , its better to get checked for all pre-existing medical conditions because they are mostly not covered by any insurance policy and the person has to shell out money by themselves in case of incurring such expenses. It is also very important to check the crime rate of the state in the USA where travel has to be undertaken. Though USA is usually a peaceful country, but it’s better to be safe then sorry while visiting a foreign land. Before buying an insurance policy for travelling to the US, it is always important to read the policy documents and try to understand what are the inclusions and exclusion of the USA travel insurance policy. No one wants to fall sick or ill when on a trip to USA, for the cost of medical expenses are too high and put a hole in the savings of the person or any of the family members. Similar to an overseas travel insurance​, these are some of the basic coverage which all policy providers provide for a trip to USA. Medical Expenses Medical Expenses due to accident and sickness while travelling are covered, so the traveler can concentrate more on enjoying the holiday. The cost of the medical expenses is too high, so it is always to be on safer side while travelling to the USA. Loss of Checked baggage Compensation is duly accorded for loss of checked in baggage of the travelers. Delay in Baggage If the cost is incurred in purchasing emergency personal effects due to delay in baggage is duly compensated. Loss of Passport and other related documents or items of personal necessities. Loss of passport or any other important documents related to the trip can be a nightmare. Such losses are duly and appropriately covered. Likewise the loss of personal belongings like mobile phones or laptops or iPads is also covered. Personal Liability Compensation Cost for damages to be paid to a third party, resulting from death, bodily injury or damage to property is compensated. Hijacking Distress allowance is paid in case of the common carrier gets hijacked. In-hospital indemnity A Daily benefit for each day you are an inpatient in a hospital due to injury or sickness while on a trip is paid. Trip Delay If the trip is delayed for more then 12 hours, adequate reimbursement of additional expenses occurred due to trip delay is paid. Personal Accident Complete coverage is provided against Accidental Death and Dismemberment while you're abroad. Sickness Dental Relief Travel plans especially to the US pays for immediate Dental Treatment occurring due to sudden acute pain during the course of Journey. Dental benefits are provided for Medically Necessary filling of the tooth or surgical treatment, services, or supplies.​​