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​Understanding the Travel Insurance and Travel Medical Insurance​

​​​A trip to a foreign country is really exciting, especially when it is your first one. You spend a lot of time in planning the whole trip. You want to leave all the worries and stress behind and enjoy it like never before. Amidst this excitement, most people usually tend to overlook the chances of unforeseen circumstances such as meeting with an accident or falling sick. These things could happen with anyone. Hence, one must stay prepared to brave the consequences.

You think you haven't left any stone unturned in terms of planning your trip. But, if you have not made provisions for medical emergencies, you have missed out on the most important part of your trip. Here is how you can make your trip safe and more enjoyable.

The answer is travel medical insurance​. Basically, it is a package that offers medical cover when you are travelling to a foreign country. Usually, the tenure of these policies is a little more than the regular travel insurance policies. The most important reason why you must buy travel insurance is that your home insurance policy does not cover you when you are in a foreign country. Whether you are visiting a foreign country for studies, work or for any other reason, travel insurance policy provides medical cover. This insurance is ideal for people who are looking for a short term health advantage.

Most travel insurance policies usually include the following things –

  • Emergency medical assistance
  • Medicines and hospital costs
  • Surgery and dental treatments
  • Urgent medical treatment for accidents

There are certain benefits which not every travel insurance policy provides –

  • Emergency evacuation from your current place to the nearest health care centre or hospital
  • Legal coverage (If you land up in a legal trouble)
  • Getting you back to your home country in case of serious illness, accident or death​​


There is not much difference between travel medical insurance and travel insurance. The only difference is that the travel medical insurance is specifically designed to cater to health reasons. There are countries which have separate travel insurance and travel medical insurance policies. However, the benefits of both the policies are combined into one in India. A travel medical insurance policy includes cover for lost baggage, delayed flights, medical expenses and so on.

Whether you are a student, tourist, businessman or woman, you must buy travel insurance. The ideal place to buy travel insurance is online as it saves a lot of your premium as compared to the conventional mode.​​