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Understand in Detail about Bike Insurance For Sports Bike

​​​​If an average motorbike is a machine, a sports bike is a beast which needs to be treated well! From their appearance to the engine, sports bikes are entirely a different machine than normal bikes. Just like their maintenance, sports bikes require different two wheeler insurance than average bikes.

Sports bikes are already expensive, so any damage to them can cost a substantial amount for their repair. Though plain bike insurance provides coverage for basic damages, it isn't sufficient for sports bikes. The owners of sports bike need a two wheeler insurance policy with a few add-ons cover for better coverage. Before learning about add-ons for a sports bike, let's understand why sports bike need them?

Apart from compulsory third party liabilities that provide coverage against any physical injury to the owner or death liabilities, these optional covers can be a great help by proving better coverage. The standalone covers provide extensive coverage from minor or major damages along with many benefits at a nominal cost. The major advantages of them include key replacement, cash allowance of a daily basis and consumable cover, which you can pick as per your requirements.

The sports bike owners can enjoy additional cover for passenger, Pillion, and zero depreciation cover after paying the extra premium. Let's find out what are these add-ons that make bike insurance sufficient for a sports bike.

Daily Cash Allowance:

This is one useful add-on for the bikers who are totally dependent on their sports bike for daily transportation. Any damage to their bike taking a time of certain days or weeks costs a significant amount to such people for the commute. The daily cash allowance coverage helps the sports biker owner with this daily expenses required for transport.

Zero Depreciation:

Not all expenses required to repair the bike are covered when someone claims on his/her basic two wheeler insurance plan. Generally, the insurance companies reimburse the amount required to repair sports bike by after deducing a specific amount equivalent to the ongoing market value of bike along with damage.

Also known as Bumper to Bumper cover or Nil Depreciation, the zero depreciation cover protects the sports bike owner from depreciation. As two-wheeler policyholders get, the entire claim amount makes this one of the most favourite add-ons bought by sports bikers.

Pillion Rider

The safety of the rider and his/her back seat companion both are equally important while riding a sports bike and so as insurance for them. The pillion rider add-on cover provides the allowance to pillion or his/her family in case of disability or death. A lot of sports bikers carry a pillion on their journey. However, basic two-wheeler insurances do not cover them. This add-on is the best way to protect back seat companions.

These add-ons are the best way to ensure bike and rider. Just like two wheeler insurance online, add-ons can be found on respective company websites.