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​​​With the summer holidays upon us, everybody is looking to get out of town for a little while. Some people might want to go abroad, while others are eager to explore different cities within India. Whether you're planning to go abroad, or to another city in India, it is vital that you have a travel insurance​ policy. At Reliance General, we will provide you with the perfect kind of policy for your travel needs. Our insurance policy protects you from problems like lost or stolen baggage, or flights that were missed due to certain emergencies. You can enjoy your holiday while being completely carefree, knowing that should anything happen – you have a safety net to fall back on.

When it comes to travelling abroad, market research shows that many Indians are looking to travel to small destinations in Asia. Thailand is one of the most sought after destinations, which is not at all surprising. The beautiful islands of Koh Samui, Krabi, Chaing Mai and Phuket, make for a lovely, relaxing holiday. Another reason why it is a popular destination is because the shopping isn't too expensive. Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam are other fairly low-budget trips that people are making this summer. If you too are one of the many people making such a trip, you need to find yourself a good Asia Travel Insurance Policy, to keep you covered on your adventures. Some families prefer visiting slightly more exotic, albeit expensive locations like Singapore, Hong Kong and London. However, keep in mind that for a visit to the U.K., you would need a different Overseas Travel Insurance Policy.

Within India itself, families are looking to travel to the hill stations. Shimla, Lonavala, Coorg, and Munnar are some of the most sought after locations in the country this summer. The islands of Andaman and Nicobar will also see their fair share of tourists this year. Although they don't offer a break from the hot temperatures, the islands have fun water activities such as scuba diving, jet skiing and surfing! Places like Rishikesh, where rafting and kayaking are the main attractions, are also ready to see tourist traffic. Whether you're travelling to a hill station to cool down, or to a beach to have some tropical fun, it is important that you find yourself a good Domestic Travel Insurance Policy to ensure that you stay safe during your holiday.

Many of the working youth today look forward to trips by themselves, or with a few friends. They work hard and save up enough money to buy themselves holidays in Europe. With a good Schengen Travel Insurance Plan​, you can truly enjoy your vacation days without any worries! Come September, many young adults will leave their homes and go abroad for higher-education. There are several things that could happen while your child lives alone in a different country, and the best way to keep them safe is with a good Student Travel Insurance Policy.

No matter where you're going, or who you're going with, we at Reliance General have a travel insurance plan that is perfectly aligned to your needs. Whether you're planning a lazy hill station vacation, or a foreign adventurous one, we can tailor our policies to take care of any specific needs and worries you might have. All you have to do is enjoy your vacation!​