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​Travelling today and forgot insuring your trip? Don't worry you can buy last minute travel insurance​

Most of us spend a lot of time and efforts in planning the perfect vacation. We even spend a considerable amount of money on booking the best hotel rooms, tour services, and flight ticket. However, when it comes to buying a travel insurance policy, we overlook its importance and skip getting it.

We know that even a small mistake abroad can ruin our holiday. Despite the consequence, we tend to overlook buying a travel insurance policy. A travel insurance policy not only gives you peace of mind but also covers your trip against several unforeseen circumstances. When travelling in a strange land, we are more vulnerable to illnesses and accidents, and there's no fool-proof way to prevent untoward incidents from occurring.

Although a travel insurance policy cannot help you avoid hardships during your trip, it can surely cover you financially against certain situations.  It covers medical expenses incurred abroad due to accidents and illnesses. It also includes medical evacuation to India, which means you don't have to pay medical emergency transportation expenses by yourself.

Another advantage of a travel insurance policy includes protection against trip cancellation or interruption due to medical, airline, personal employment problems or natural disasters. One of the essential coverages offered by a travel insurance policy is lost check-in baggage and lost passport cover.

There are several other advantages of having a travel insuranc​e policy. These services can prove to be invaluable during times of emergency. Most travel insurance companies offer 24*7 travel assistance to help you deal with unfavourable conditions during your vacation. You can seek assistance from your insurer, in case you meet with an accident or lose your travel documents. This kind of aid is crucial if you are travelling to a nation where the locals do not speak your language.

Are you ready to miss these advantages when you spend thousands and lakhs in planning your trip? No, right! Also, don't worry if you've not bought your travel insurance until the last minute. Or you just planned your first spontaneous last-minute trip and need to get insured quickly. You can even get an insurance policy now. It's that quick and straightforward!

The most common query we see is- "Can I buy a travel insurance policy after booking a flight?"

The answer is yes! You can totally buy last minute travel insurance policy​ or on the same day as you travel. However, you should ignore last-minute purchases to skip the unnecessary hassle. To buy a comprehensive travel insurance policy, all you need is a few details, and you are good to go. No paperwork, no check-up required. We have got you covered!