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Exclusions in the Travel Insurance Policy

​Buying ​​travel insurance​ always is a handy thing before going on a planned trip or journey for it safeguards the interests of the policy holder in case of unforeseen circumstances arising in foreign land. It is always important to buy a travel insurance and read the policy documents to verify what things can be claimed and what sort of claims wont' be accepted by the policy provider.


Reading policy documents in the start at the time of purchase of the policy gives a better understanding of what the policy covers and what policy doesn't cover.

Merely buying a travel insurance policy doesn't solve all the problems of the traveller. It is very important to know what are the things that the policy doesn't cover. 

Exclusions from Travel Insurance Policy 

Listed below are some of the common exclusions from travel insurance policy and may vary from one insurance provider to another. 

Flights or trains missed due to local protests or civil war in visiting country. 

Many a times the visiting country may be in turmoil due to protests occurring over there or civil war. In such scenarios there are many a chances that the planned plane trip from that country or train journeys may be missed due to such events. Difficulties arising to the traveller out of such circumstances are not covered in the policy.​

Extra Expenses incurred on account of  local protests or civil unrest in visiting country.

Many a times there are chances that the visiting country may erupt in protests due to local issues or riots or there may be civil unrest within the country. In such cases the traveller may have to incur extra costs to reach the destination. Such extra expenses which are incurred by the traveller to meet the travelling needs are not covered. 

Pre-existing conditions leading to hospitalisation.

At the time of buying a travel policy, it is very important to specify any existing ailment or disease. Such pre-existing conditions leading to emergency hospitalisation in during the course of the travel are not covered by the insurance provider. Such expenses are to be borne by the traveller on self. 

Baggage delay for less than 24 hours.

Most travel insurance policies do no reimburse expenditures for baggage delayed for less than 24 hours. 

Loss or damage to money, keys, documents.

At the time of travel it is very important to take care of personal possessions like keys, credit cards, money, documents, It is always necessary to keep such belongings with self for baggage policies do not cover loss of such items. 

Injuries arising out of adventure sports.

Many insurance policies, do not take into consideration the injuries arising out of certain adventure sports like Mountain climbing, bungee jumping, para gliding etc. 

Trip cancelled by Tour Operator.

Often there are times when the tour operator cancels the planned trip due to less number of people in the trip or other various reasons. Such cancellations by tour operators and loss arising out of it are not covered by the travel policies.