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​​Travel has become an important part of life today. Travelling can be done for various purposes from leisure to work to studies or research. With the world opening up big scale, travel has become an integral part of life. Every individual takes up travel for one purpose or another. Everyone loves to have pleasure in life and what big fun in life if travel is undertaken to a scenic beauty place or to some far off land which in earlier times used to far fetched thought for travel.

With travel comes lots of issues also if the ​trip is not very well planned. It is very difficult to fathom the unforeseen circumstances which awaits on travel.

Hence it is very important to buy a sound and reasonable travel insurance policy before taking such a trip because it safeguards the interests of the policy holder on a foreign trip. Buying a travel insurance policy ​has become a must!!

Having a good travel insurance policy takes care of many problems and issues arising on travel like loss of passports, loss of documents, loss of belongings, baggage loss, sickness or medical emergencies, trip cancellation or flight delays.

Every policy has its own set of inclusions and exclusions, so it is very important to understand what are the things which are excluded or which are included at the time of buying a policy because it gives a piece of mind when you know what things are covered and what are exempted in the policy which has been purchased.

We will see here some common exclusion from the travel insurance policy

Pre-existing diseases: Many a times it happens that the policy holder may be suffering from some ailment or disease at the time of purchase of the policy. Such diseases are called pre-existing diseases and they are not covered by the policy provider. So if the policy holder suffers from some issues arising out of the existing disease on a trip, those issues are not covered by the policy. So it is always very important to notify the agent of the insurance executive about such pre-existing conditions before buying a policy.

Accident due to sports

When on trip everyone likes to be adventurous by nature and want to try out various adventurous sports like bungee jumping, parasailing etc. So keep in mind that many travel insurance doesn't cover accidents or injuries arising out of such sports. An individual has to shell out money to meet such expenses.

Self Harm Accidents

Insurance policy doesn't cover medical expenses that are incurred while trying to commit suicide or driving under the influence of alcohol on a foreign trip. It is very important to desist from rash driving under the influence of alcohol which may lead to such accidents.

Natural calamities

A travel policy doesn't cover injuries or loss of life suffered due to natural calamities like earth quakes, tsunami, cyclones, and hurricanes irrespective of the region of visit.

So it is always very important to read the policy documents before purchasing a policy for it helps in understand the policy in better way.