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Traffic Rules in Kolkata

​The City of Joy and the capital of West Bengal, Kolkata, is a vibrant metropolis. Bustling with around 1.94 Crore population, it has few of the busiest roads in India. To help manage the traffic in the city, the transportation department and the authorities set up some rules and regulations for drivers and riders. Among the rules, an imperative one is having your vehicle covered with a vehicle insurance policy. Driving without an insurance policy or with an invalid one in or around the city may leave you in legal trouble.

Traffic rules are quite important and, whether driving or not, everyone should know these rules.

Types of Traffic Violations

People of Kolkata are learning to follow traffic rules and it leads to fewer accidents and fewer traffic penalties in Kolkata.

Traffic Signals: 

Sticking to the red and green light is a good habit, as this can cause a fewer number of road accidents. You need to pay Rs 1,000 as fine if they find you violating the traffic signals.

Mobile Phones While Driving: 

Using mobile phones while driving can lead to serious penalties and also serious accidents, so refrain from using mobile phones while driving. You may have to pay a fine of Rs 1,000 to the traffic officials in such a case.


These are the foremost safety measures that protect people from severe injuries on the road.

Don't Off-Road: 

Do not go off the road as many people do to get away from traffic, this can be dangerous as the people on the road might not have enough time to brake, leading to accidents and traffic penalties in Kolkata.

List of Traffic Violations and Fines in Kolkata

Here is the list of offence and fines

- Unauthorized interference with a vehicle: Rs 100

- Driving a two-wheeler without a standard helmet: Rs 300

- Using Motor Vehicles with defective Number Plates: Rs 300

- Driving a vehicle without a license: Rs 500

Not being of the ideal age to drive a motor vehicle: Rs 500

  1. ​16 years M/C-50CC
  2. Other than transport vehicle: 18 years
  3. Transport vehicles: 20 years

Owner allowing others to drive the vehicle without a valid driver's license: Rs 1,000

Driving a vehicle without a certificate of fitness or having an invalid certificate: Rs 6,000 to Rs 9,500

Violations of Standards prescribed for Road safety, control of Noise and Air pollution: Rs 2,000

Driving Vehicles dangerously: Rs 1,600 to Rs 2,000

Stop Line violation: Rs 300

Center Line Violation: Rs 300

Taking or driving the vehicle without the consent of the owner: Rs 500

Vehicle not fitted with rear view mirrors: Rs 300

Power of Police Officer to detain a vehicle without necessary documents like Registration Certificate, PUC, Permit, etc.: Rs 6,000 to Rs 9,500

Rules for Car

  • Driving Slowly
  • Drive slowly near places like schools, colleges, and hospitals

  • Following Traffic Signals
  • Traffic Signals are safety measures set by the city officials to ensure lesser traffic jams. Skipping traffic lights can lead to traffic penalties in Kolkata

  • Documents
  • Carry all the documents on you that make your vehicle road legal either digitally or physically

  • Always wear seatbelts
  • Seatbelts are the foremost safety measure for four-wheelers

  • Mobile phones
  • Mobile phones are becoming a lead cause of accidents. Refrain from using mobile phones while driving

  • Car Insurance
  • Car Insurance covers the expenses associated with your vehicle in case of an accident.

    Rules for Two-Wheeler

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Wearing a helmet is the only safety measure for two-wheelers. It is an important traffic rule in Kolkata that you need to adhere to

  • Overloading
  • According to traffic rules in Kolkata overloading can be harmful to you and your family

  • Overtaking other vehicles
  • Overtaking other vehicles from the wrong side can lead to serious accidents

  • Using indicators
  • Use correct indicators so that you don't violate any traffic rules

  • Bike Insurance
  • Bike insurance helps you ride your vehicle freely amidst all the chaos and confusion in the city.