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​​​​​Two wheelers are probably considered among the most cost effective mode of daily commute in India. Two wheelers not only help us in maintaining our savings from the perspective of fuel consumption, but also from the view of cost of insurance. Generally, the cost of motorcycle insurance is lesser than car insurance. However, by following few ways you can save even more on your two wheeler insurance​​ premium.

Take a look at how you can save on your two wheeler insurance premium:

Are you a member of riding association? such types of memberships can make you eligible for some good discounts.

If you are a good driver, the chances you would meet an accident will be comparatively less. Thus, you are less riskier asset for the insurance company, which would mean that motor insurance company may not charge you much towards your motorcycle insurance, if you maintain good and clean driving record.

Some insurance companies offer discounts on car insurance and two wheeler insurance if you maintain more than one policy with them. If you already hold another insurance policy with your insurance provider, like a home insurance, a health insurance or a car insurance, enquire your insurance provider if you can get discount for maintaining multiple policies with them.

If you already have a motorcycle insurance and you haven’t filed any claim towards it, then at the time of renewal of your two wheeler insurance policy ask your insurance provider if you can avail no-claim bonus discount.

If you have bought a new bike, do a research before picking any two wheeler insurance policy​. You may find different insurance companies offering similar benefits at different rates.

The list of two wheeler insurance policies available in the market is a long one. However, it is not necessary that the cheapest policy will be the best one or vice-versa. If you want to buy the best two wheeler insurance for your motorcycle, logon on to internet, invest some time to understand the polices offered by different companies and choose the one that meets your requirements the best way.

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