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All the riders love their bikes, and if the bike is vintage, then they will do anything to take care of it properly. Vintage refers to something that belongs to an earlier generation. A bike should be approximately 25 years old to be in the vintage bike’s category. A vintage bike’s production stops a long time ago, hence its supply is limited. Vintage bikes are simple motorbikes, which do not consist of modern-day technology such as hydraulic brakes or electric shifting.

Vintage bikes are known for variety in colors and their aesthetic features. However, with so many pros, vintage bikes are also associated with certain cons. These bikes are vintage that means they are quite heavy and consist of old technology along with old parts. You do have the option of upgrading your vintage bike, but this might not always be an option for you. One of the things that can assure your vintage bike’s safety is the two wheeler insurance policy. You can secure your beloved bike by buyingbike insurance. 

Insuring Your Vintage Bike

According to the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019, it is mandatory for bike owners to have third-party liability insurance. It doesn’t matter if you are riding a vintage bike or a normal modern-day bike. If it is on Indian roads, it should be insured with third party two wheeler insurance​. The risks associated with riding a bike on Indian roads are the same for vintage bikes as well for a modern-day technologically advanced bike and sometimes third party liability insurance coverage is not enough. No worries, it is advisable to buy comprehensive twowheeler insurance which will cover you financially against any damages caused to the vintage bike due to an accident, riot, theft, or natural calamities. 

In case of an accident, if your vintage bike is damaged, repairing cost can touch the sky as it will be hard to find certain parts of your vintage bike. This can put a lot of financial burden on your shoulders. But comprehensive policy for your vintage bike will surely take some of that burden away from you.

You can also include certain add-ons for your vintage bike into your comprehensive bike insurance policy. These add-ons will financially cover the expenses which might arise during the repairing of your vintage bike. Also, if you renew your two wheeler insurance policy regularly, you will avail No Claim Bonus (NCB).

You can easily buy two wheeler insurance for your vintage bike from any reputable insurance provider. Make sure you compare two wheeler insurance policies of various insurers and then purchase what is best for your vintage bike. Two wheeler insurance for your vintage bike will also give you a sense of security and peace of mind while riding your vintage bike on Indian roads.

A vintage bike is always beloved by its owner, if you have one, it must be special for you too.