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​​One of the most common ailments people experience in all ages is knee pain.  Whether you exercise indoor or outdoor, all of us are continually putting our knee joint under stress regularly.  However, the good news is that we can make it negligible by keeping in mind some simple things:
Proper warm up:
Our knees specifically absorb a lot of stress and force during a workout, thereby leading to injury. So make sure they are ready before you start exercising. Warming Up is one of the simplest things that can be done to prevent your knees from deteriorating.  A good warm up and stretching gets the synovial fluid going in your joint, thereby making them much more movable.
Ankle mobility:
Many of us have poor ankle mobility which has a lot to do with our knee health.  Also, any existing ankle injury may also result in mobility issues, thus calls for a proper checkup. However, many of us ignore such injuries as something minor and/or temporary and such an action can prove to be harmful in the longer run.
Also, in order to avoid medical expenses many people tend to avoid health check-ups; but doing so you might be just inviting more problems towards your health and savings. By getting right treatment at right time you can avoid any major problem and stay fit for life long. And if you are covered under a well designed health insurance​ plan, you need not worry about the expenses towards medical treatment and check-ups.
Hip mobility:
Without proper hip mobility, people tend to put most of their weight forward causing a lot of stress through the knee joint.  Proper training with strengthening exercises will help you have functional hips.
Healthy weight with Diet supplements:
The simple logic behind this is the heavier you are, the more stress is put through the knee joint.  Maintain a healthy weight, and you will keep all your joints from carrying too much throughout everyday activities, thus, lower your chances of getting knee pain.
Stop if it hurts:
Take this as the thumb rule. If you have knee pain and it is hurting, stop any form of exercises as it will ultimately lead to damage and degeneration. Try to figure out the problem, and slowly integrate it back into your training.

Some simple tips to take care of your knee pain are listed below:

  • Ice wrapped in a towel acts as an anaesthetic for most of the knee pains.
  • Proper shoes should be a must, heels to be avoided.
  • Activities such as running and hiking should be avoided temporarily to keep a check during severe knee pain.
  • Berries, ginger, avocado, flaxseed, omega-3-rich fish, and soy are excellent for your knees.
  • Excessive sodium should be avoided as it contributes to water retention and swelling, which puts pressure on your knees and causes pain.
  • If your knee pain is caused by arthritis avoid green peppers, eggplant, paprika, tomatoes and potatoes, all of which contain sotanine, a toxin to which arthritis sufferers may have sensitivity.
  • Proper physiotherapy will definitely help you overcome the pain.
  • Vitamin C is great for your knees. We surely have miles to walk before we retire!