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Things You Must Do After Buying an Expensive Bike

​There is no great joy than bringing a bike at your home. This joy is doubled if it's one of the rare, expensive bikes that you always have dreamt of. It could be possible that you have arrived on this bike after days of research; several test drives and finally arrived on a new shiny model parked right in front of your home. You might be excited about taking your new shiny bike out for a long ride. 

But before that, it is essential to make sure certain things to be on the safer side while driving on the road. Here is a list of things you must do after you have purchased your two-wheeler. 


The first thing you need to do after purchasing your brand new expensive bike is to get a two wheeler insurance cover for the same. It is mandatory for all vehicles in India to carry insurance. Any bike insurance is a beneficial product made for the user. It gives them financial stabilization for items when their vehicle may get into an accident and damages are too heavy. Bike insurance can go a long way in helping you.

When you are getting the bike, most probably the bike dealer will offer you an insurance policy. Now, that could be the necessary third party insurance. If you are sending so much on your bike, you must also consider spending a little on getting comprehensive insurance with add-ons. It is best to choose your insurance policy online by comparing different plans and picking one according to your needs. ​


When buying an expensive bike, there is a lot more to explore. You can add a lot of accessories to your two-wheeler. It improves the look of your bike. The basic includes tank cover, side panel set, headlight cover, radiator cover and can enhance the safety of your bike. Individual accessory depends on the brand of the bike, the prices may vary. It is thus vital to check in advance which accessory fit your needs and budget. 


Almost all the bike manufacturers offer a warranty for the bike. The warranty period varies among different companies. An average warranty is extended over two years or 30,000 km from the date of purchase. Make sure that before bringing the bike home, you check the warranty and guarantee of the different parts offered separately. 

Service Check

The first servicing of your bike is significant and is mostly covered by the company you purchased your bike from. It is scheduled 30 days after you have started riding your bike. Make sure you have one free service covered by the company. The list of service work will be covered by a brand like cleaning filters, changing engine oil, tightening nuts, checking tire pressure etc. Also, any specific problem that you might have faced in one month will be fixed. 

Now you can buy bike insurance online at a more affordable price by comparing different plans. Get one for yourself now.