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Things You Didn't Know That Your Health Insurance Covers

​If we pay a closer look at the recent trends, we will easily find that the health insurance trends in India are changing rapidly. More and more people are now opting for health insurance recognising the benefits which these plans give. Almost 20-30 years back a trace of health insurance would be hard to hear but now these plans and their availability are becoming common. 

Now with these increased demands the competition among insurers is also rising to give the best health insurance plan and facility to their customers. IRDAI mandates many health insurances but the features that could be added by the insurer is what's making the real difference. We all know the basic benefits of having a health insurance plan which includes coverage for hospital accommodation emergency ambulance, pharmacy and many other basic things. But there is a lot to a health insurance plan. Let's take a look at what more do insurance companies have to offer apart from basic features-​

AYUSH Treatment

The people who want to opt for non-allopathic treatment are increasing. This is the treatment through the traditional Indian medical system and the insurance policies have also covered these recognised centres as a mode of treatment and thus everything from Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy based treatment are covered under this policy. 

International Coverage

With some policies, there is a limit that medical cost will only be covered if the treatment takes place in India. There are many treatments which are way better in foreign countries and all of us want to avail the benefit of getting the best treatment possible thus there are policies which do cover foreign treatment as well and the insured person will be compensated no matter where the treatment takes place. This is often mentioned in terms and condition and is offered with the critical illness plan. Also, the countries where you can get these benefits and network hospitals in that country if any is also mentioned. 

Complimentary Health Check-ups

Health insurance companies have now started to offer regular annual health check-ups to the people who are covered under a particular policy. This depends on the term of the insurance and the facility could be availed by the whole family as well at no additional cost. This is a great benefit which not only covers you in time of troubles but will also keep a track of your health. 

New Born

We hardly ever think about getting coverage for our new-born baby. We often have to get maternity coverage separately, and pre- and post-natal care could be highly expensive these days. It is important to take note that there are policies which do have maternity coverage and will take care of all the needs of the new-born from hospitalisation to other needs. There are plans which take care of baby's need from day 1 to one year under the family floater plan. 

With these benefits, you must buy health insurance online which will keep you protected and is an easy process.​