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After paying the insurance premium, a two-wheeler insurance policy document is what you receive as a proof for having the insurance. With this, you get the promise to have financial support during unfortunate times when your two-wheeler gets into any accident. Whether you purchase your two wheeler insurance online or offline, you will receive a policy document once the payment is processed. On receiving the policy online, the paper can be downloaded directly from the account from the insurer's website or will be sent to your email. In case of an offline purchase, the policy document will be couriered or sent by post. 

Things to check for bike insurance document are

Policy Number

​The policy number is the first thing that you should ask for to your insurance company. When filing a claim, the first thing you will be asked for is a policy number. In the computer database, all the information about your car and paperwork would be stored concerning your policy number. 

Personal Details

​Check if all the personal details like your name, number, email and car number are spelt correctly on the policy document. Recheck your address as the bike insurance might need it for any further necessary communication. 

Vehicle Details

​The insurance policy document has necessary information such as chassis number, engine number and the registration number. Verify these details to avoid any further hassles. 

Policy validity

​You always have a period mentioned don the policy document. This period reflects the time limit for which your document will be valid. Check the active details and confirm the date, in case of any error file the query. 

Premium charged

​The policy document will also have the premium charged by the insurance company inclusive of taxes. Make sure that you cross-check the amount mentioned in the policy with the actual amount that is being paid. 


​All the details of the cover like, third party damages, own damages, personal accident cover will be mentioned under a separate section of clauses.


​If you have opted for any add-ons with an additional premium, make sure that all the details with the added premium amount and what it specifically cover is mentioned in the policy document. 

Insured declare value

​Insurance is not a one-time activity. You have to renew it promptly. The premium amount is based on the IDV of the vehicle. Check the value and the calculation that relates to the premium as it will be based on the IDV. 

No Claim Bonus

​When you don't raise a claim during the policy period on your bike insurance, you're eligible for a discount when you renew your policy. This discount is termed NCB. When renewing policy check if the NCB component has been mentioned clearly so that future calculations are accurate.

Insurer's Contact

​The policy document will have the phone number and email of the insurance provider. The details are provided to contact the company in case of any emergency or any other issue.