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Things To Be Aware Of When Buying Two Wheeler Insurance For Someone Else's Bike

​Getting insurance is important, no biker wants to get into an accident, theft or some other kind of problem with their vehicle. But when you live with a vehicle for over 10-15 years, chances are that you may some of these problems. Trouble could appear anytime unannounced and thus it is necessary to make sure that all your financial losses are covered. Apart from the fact that getting insurance for your vehicle is mandated by the law, it is the responsibility of the rider to have insurance for sure as it is meant for their protection. 

There is a common misconception that the person could get bike insurance​ only for their motor vehicle but the truth is that the person could not only get their vehicle insured but could buy bike insurance for someone else's bike as well, this insurance could be purchased on behalf of the owner. This insurance could be of a vehicle that you have hired to drive or could be a very old vehicle which belongs to your father or it could even be a bike of your friend which is mostly used by you. There is no restriction as such as getting the insurance for other vehicles it is must if the vehicle is still being used and you must buy it seeing the benefits that come with getting a bike insurance.

Why is getting an insurance necessary for a bike which does not belong to you?

There is an option while buying the bike that the concerned person can name who will be using the bike. Now if your name is not on paper and you are a regular user of the bike, then while riding the bike if by chance you get into an accident you won't be eligible for an insurance claim as you are not a registered user for the bike. Thus, it is best to have bike insurance in your name which could protect you from all kind of financial liabilities.

Once you get the insurance you will get all the benefits that bike insurance provides whether it's third-party liability insurance or a comprehensive cover. Also, with detailed policy cover, you can always customize your insurance plan and in case of an accident or theft, you can apply for the claim easily if you have a valid driving license.​

Common Mistakes while getting two-wheeler insurance

Have a look at the common mistakes concerning two-wheeler insurance.

Not transferring the insurance policy when buying a second hand two wheeler is a common mistake which people do. People often do not think about the appear transfer and the things and that simply keeps them out of getting insurance for their bike.

Policy lapse is another common mistake. People generally don't pay attention to their policy ending day and often ride their vehicle even after their policy has ended.

You must keep all these things in mind while driving your motorbike. If you are thinking about purchasing a new bike buy two wheeler insurance online right now and ride on the road with security which will have you finically covered at all times.​