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Steps To Get A Duplicate Two Wheeler Insurance Certificate Online

While driving in India it is compulsory to have third-party liability insurance​ according to the rules by the Indian Government. This is to ensure that when any of the vehicles are involved in an accident the insurance by the other person covers for the damage of the third party who is involved in an accident. This mandate by the motor vehicle Act of 1998. Apart from this, one could also take advantage of the insurance policy that covers own damage along with the third party. This is for person's safety as it also covers the cost of personal injuries afterward from the damages done just to the vehicle. 

Getting two wheeler insurance is necessary and the document is very important as it mentions all the terms and conditions between you and the insurer. If any situation arises where you need to file a claim and the physical document is missing you need not worry, all is not lost. You can obtain a duplicate copy of your bike insurance which can help you in making the claim. 

How to Get the Duplicate Bike insurance policy?

The process of getting a duplicate insurance document is not difficult. To get the bike insurance duplicate through the traditional method offline you need to follow these steps

Offline Process

  1. Inform the insurance Company
    You must inform the insurance company that you need a duplicate document. They are the document provided and only they start the process of issuing a duplicate document. 
  2. File FIR
    Your insurer may ask for an FIR and thus filing an FIR in the nearest police station about the loss of the document is important. You will be asked to attach the copy of this FIR. 
  3. Application
    You may also write an application to the insurance provider. Mention all the important details such a policy number, name, number and how the document was lost. 
  4. Sign an Indemnity Bond
    The last step would be signing this bond with the insurer to get a duplicate copy of your insurance document. 

Online Process

Getting a copy of the bike insurance online is relatively easy. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to get the copy online.
  1. Visit the website of your insurance provider
  2. Select the type of policy from the list from various policies
  3. Enter the details of your policy such as policy number, your name etc. 
  4. Upon the completion of these documents, your policy will be available to download and print. 
​The insurance company will send you a soft copy of the document. That copy could also be used to print the document again as many times as you want. The online presences will also make sure that there can never be a problem in claiming the insurance. ​

Driving on the road safely means that you must have insurance. Buy two wheeler insurance right now if you don't have one or if you are procrastinating the renewal as it could result in heavy penalty and also could sacrifice your safety.