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Single Trip Insurance Vs. Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

It is very important to have travel insurance when you travel, whether within India or internationally. It provides you with protection against personal, medical losses, including delays and flight cancellations. Especially during international travels, a travel insurance policy is quite helpful in case of any unexpected incidence.

There are two main types of international travel insurance: Single trip insurance and multi-trip insurance.

Let us check the difference between single trip insurance and multi-trip insurance.

What is single trip insurance?

The single trip insurance policy covers the costs and losses of an international trip or a domestic trip. This policy would be valid till you return to India. Typically, the insurance policy covers 180 days. However, the period of coverage would depend on the insurance provider. Some aspects that are covered in single-trip insurance are:

  • Cancellation of trip and cover of disruption
  • Passport loss (provides help in getting a duplicate one)
  • Loss of luggage, personal items, and documentation of travel
  • Medical charges for emergency and accident hospitalization
  • Cash support for robbery or luggage loss
  • Home burglary protection
  • What is multi-trip insurance?

    Multi-trip insurance would save time and money if you make frequent international visits. The cover is valid for 365 days, and trips taken within the year are protected. However, you can not stay in one place for over 180 days.

    How is travel insurance for single and multi-trip different?


    Basis Single-Trip Insurance Multi-Trip Travel Insurance
    ValidityIt will be valid for 180 daysIt will be valid for 365 days but you cannot stay in one place for more than 180 days.
    Eligible CriteriaThe age to avail of this insurance policy is usually 6 months to 70-80 years.Minimum age criteria are 18 years.
     RegistrationYou may have to go through the terms and conditions of this policy to find the best one.You don't have to repeat the process of reading terms and conditions again because this policy protects for a year.
    Customization This insurance policy gives you the option to customize every trip according to your needs.You don't have any choice in this insurance policy but to go with the same policy for the whole year.
    Best Suitable People who travel once a year.People who love to travel or who need business trips more than once a year.
    PremiumPremium is typically low.Premiums are typically higher because the policy is operational all year long.



    1. ​Will a single trip insurance plan cover pre-medical conditions such as high blood pressure?
      No, any allegation resulting from or because of medical conditions does not apply in most travel insurance plans for a single trip.
    2. What is the limit of the maximum age of one trip in an annual multi-trip policy and a Single Trip policy?
      For a multi-trip insurance policy, the age limit is 75 years and for a single-trip maximum limit is 79 years.
    3. When should I begin my multi-trip policy?
      Your insurance cover would begin on the day you buy it, so if you have a current policy protecting you before a Start Date cover is chosen, you will have to book a vacation and you can book it only on or after the start date.
      Before the policy start date, you have no coverage.
    4. How is the family defined in a single-trip policy?
      2 adults/spouses who live with each other and their dependents under the age of 19.
    5. Is it possible to fly alone by individuals under age 19?
      Yes, but you must have a travel insurance policy in your name.

    Whether it is a single trip or multi-trip, you should always compare different travel insurance policies online and select the best travel insurance for you.