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Reasons Why Your Health Insurance Premium Increases with Age

​Everybody thinks about securing their finances with the best health insurance plan they could get. It is one of the wisest decisions for an individual financially and practically as well. Growing up we do not know of these essentials but once we have, we find ourselves busy managing the bills, financials and finding the right work-life balance wondering how our parents did that. We have to admit that being an adult is not always amazing. While there is freedom for many things but the responsibility sometimes become overburdening. 

After getting health insurance and investing in it for some years one often wonders why the premium payable has been increasing with age. The premium increases due to a majority of factors that one must know about to have a crucial role in the policy owner. 

Change in lifestyle

With age, one tends to shift from one stage of life to another with time. This transition impacts the thinking process, health and many other factors in the working of the body. The body changes in terms of immunity, hormonal balance bone density and the basic functioning. 

Women specifically have a significant impact after childbirth and menopause. These certain changes affect health and immunity towards protecting the body from diseases. These lifestyle changes coming with ageing reduce physical health and the active metabolism of the body, thus affecting the overall functioning. 

Rising healthcare cost

Inflation has an impact on the areas of the economy and health care is one sector which t leaves a huge impact on. With the passing year, it is understandable that the treatments will be getting more expensive. The cost of various surgical and other equipment keeps increasing regularly and thus affect the plan. 

When getting comprehensive health insurance, the insurer pays for all the bills and thus you agree to pay a certain amount of money as premium which keeps changing according to the age, proneness to diseases and other internal and social factors. 

Increasing Risk

Vulnerability to various kind of illness increases with age. The deteriorating health could be a result of changing life stage. This risk is due to which the insurer increases the premium. However, it is a win-win because this could be seen as security for the increased risk which is necessary. 


With increasing age especially when you are near retirement the productivity of a person decreases. People may cease to have a regular source of income. This means dependency on others for your care may increase. This is a crucial time that your health insurance reminds you that your medical health is particularly covered and you don’t have to worry about those bills at least. 

In any of the scenario, it is not advised to discontinue the medical insurance plan at any point of life. Your insurer will give you a sense of security even when health is not on your side. If you do not yet have insurance buy health insurance​ today.

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