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Reasons To Take Critical Illness Cover With Health Insurance

​If we take a close look at the degrading lifestyle and quality of the environment which is decreasing, we will find out that the number of life-threatening diseases and the people suffering from it is increasing at a very fast pace. We all are prone to critical illness with this unhealthy lifestyle. You can now get health insurance online that also covers specifically for the time of critical illness which could be very costly sometimes. The basic insurance sometimes excludes some of the treatments that are required at the time of critical illness and thus an insurance policy is needed to cover this. 

Regular Policy

The regular policy covers everything which is mentioned in the document but there is often certain limitation to it. The pay-out is done based on medical bills that are approved and also based on if the medical treatment is done in a network hospital. 

Critical illness Policy and its Reality

This health insurance only covers critical illness, this is irrespective of the fact whether the treatment takes place in the country or not, the lump-sum amount of the treatment is covered by the policy provider. Critical illness has no age, now it is affecting even the young and the olds. We are hearing a lot of cases from cancer, kidney failure to a heart attack all of which is common nowadays. This could be due to poor food choices, unhealthy lifestyles, polluted environments, and other age-related ailments. In any of these cases, the basic health care won't be useful. 

Healthcare cost in India

The healthcare cost in India has shockingly increased in the last decade. There is no comparison between the prices and medical care is almost getting out of the hands of a middle class. These health care expenses can create a financial burden on the individual thus having health insurance is like a rescue that can ease out the burden. 

Benefits of having a Critical Ailment policy

This policy acts as an income replacement. Critical ailments often are long term ailments and not only affect the person but also affect the family emotionally and financially. A critical cover thus pays a lump sum amount which could be used to cover both for the medical treatment and the household expenses. 

Critical ailment policy also gives a lot of tax benefits to the individual. 

The policy is the complete cover and thus gives the person peace of their mind for the time when they are suffering from any ailment or even when they are not as they know that they are covered and the family won't suffer. 

This ailment also covers for the treatment which is not done in India. Thus, you can go to and the best treatment available without thinking about the cost of the treatment. Going abroad for treatment is one of the biggest benefits of the policy. 

Now buy health insurance online and get alongside a critical illness policy that will give a complete protection to you and your family.​