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Reasons To Renew Two Wheeler Insurance Before Monsoon

​According to a recent survey it was found out that the ownership of two-wheelers has increased. With the ease of driving a scooter, more and more people are now switching from getting a bike to scooter (scooty) and also, its use has made it as one of the important choices for households. According to the survey in 2019 Indian automobile industry sold no less than 21 million vehicles in the year. With the rising traffic and the restriction of lanes two-wheelers are popular choice to get from one place to another.

As the monsoon arrives most of the people start worrying about their vehicle. Not just there is a risk of slippery tires, bad roads. Some of the vehicles are getting wet in the rain continuously and which could have some impact on the mechanism of the two-wheeler. Sometimes there are heavy expenditure incurred during the rainy season for your two-wheeler thus it is necessary to have your two wheeler insurance policy renewed before the arrival of monsoon. It would be highly disappointing if you realise that your policy has incurred just a month back and you have to pay all the repair cost of the vehicle whether to is the engine oil or the failed braking system on your own.

Why two-wheeler renewal is important before monsoon?

Monsson brings a lot of happiness for the people and is one of the most liked seasons in India. We will often find people enjoying the rain on their roof, roads and often brings in a jolly good mood. However, the roads in India not at all-time support the monsoon season. The weak drainage system often leads to the road filling with water at many places and there could be any kind of unpredictable harm to your vehicle in heavy rain. 

Monsson is one of the major seasons for car accident not only because of road filling with water but also due to low visibility on the roads.

What could damage your vehicle in monsoon?

The three major factors which could damage your vehicle in the monsoon are waterlogged streets, potholes and accumulated dirt. Any of these three if occur in larger proportion would cause damage to your vehicle. There are simple ways in which this could be protected. One is by sending the vehicle for regular servicing before the season starts. The suspensions and the silencer must be thoroughly checked. The treads of the car must be deep enough and if the tyres are very old you must get them replaced. 


The main reason could be less awareness among the people and loss of precautionary measures both by the people and by the road authority. Also, people are often confused about what to do this is why the government of India has mandated that every owner buy or renew two wheeler insurance. One of the biggest natural calamities that incurred a huge loss to motor vehicles was the flood in Mumbai. This included a major loss to the whole sector from trains, auto rickshaws, two-wheelers to cars.