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Pros and Cons of Having Arogya Sanjeevani Policy

​There is nothing better than getting health insurance to achieve financial stability in terms of medical health. Many insurers launched the Arogya Sanjeevani ​health insurance policy ​mandated by IRDAI. The policy covers you and your family with low premiums and other attractive features. 

Health insurance coverage in India has traditionally been low due to the complexity of coverage and unaffordable premiums. It prompted IRDAI to design arogya sanjeevani policy with a low premium and simple guidelines to follow. Unlike other health insurance, it does not cover any add-ons or complicated terms. 

If you are considering getting Arogya Sanjeevani policy, knowing the benefits and limitation would surely help you make a better decision. Let us take at both the sides of the plan

Arogya Sanjevani Policy Pros


​The policy has standard features and uniform coverage. It is available in both individual and floater basis without any complicated terms and conditions. With such clarity, you will never face any confusion while making claims. 


When buying policy affordability is a significant factor which all of us once consider. The premium of the policy starts from as low as Rs 7 per day. Thus, it is a reasonably priced policy that makes healthcare accessible for all. 

Comprehensive Coverage:

Arogya Sanjevni covers a broader range of healthcare issues, thus increasing the significance of the policy. It covers everything from ICU charges to room rent. Many advance modes of treatment are also covered under the policy. One can avail the facility of AYUSH treatment as well. Pre and post hospitalisation expenses are also covered from 30 days before the hospitalisation to 60 days after the discharge  

With a lot of coverage, it can give financial coverage from almost all the medical expenses that may arise in case of emergency. 

Flexibility and Renewability:

​An affordable premium along with flexible instalments is what makes this policy interesting. The basic plan of the policy is valid for one year. After this, you may opt for renewing the plan again for a year. It allows extending coverage for in-laws as well. 

No Claim Bonus:

If you do not make any claim for a complete year, you will be eligible to get a discount of 5%. For every subsequent year, you renew your policy, no discount bonus would be given. It can result in up to 50% discount on your premiums. 

Cons of Arogya Sanjeevani Policy 

Like much other policy, Arogya Sanjeevani also some limitations and exclusions. Though, compared to other policies the exclusions of this policy are nominal. Any cosmetic procedures and diagnostic treatment are excluded. The step is to make sure that it covers you only against the necessary treatments. Waiting period for some pre-existing ailments is between 24 months to 48 months which is a pretty long period. 

On weighing the pros and cons, it is easy to see that Arogya Sanjeevani policy is a good purchase for everyone. The value of health is insurance is immense considering the low premium rates. You can prevent all your medical bills fr