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Advantages Of Opting For A Family Floater Insurance

​​“Claim” is one of the most important aspects of an insurance policy. Being from a general insurance company, I often come across issues related to claims.
Speaking of one of such experiences; recently one of my senior colleague’s son got injured in a minor accident that occurred at home. The next day when he was taken to hospital, doctor asked to go through MRI scanning. My colleague paid  around Rs. 7500/- for the test.
After looking at the test reports, the doctors said that there was an injury found in knees and they would need to perform a surgery for same. The cost of the entire treatment came around Rs 1 Lakh to 1.5 Lakh. Fortunately, my colleague already had a health insurance​ plan in place – Reliance HealthGain - to take care of the entire cost of the treatment. The policy offered them a facility of cashless hospitalization, which helped them avail the right treatment at right time.
All my colleague did was visited the Network Hospital, showed the health policy and asked for cashless service. Following an approval on the cashless service request, the policy took care of the entire cost of the treatment, relieving her from all the worries of arranging expenses.
Today, almost every family finds it difficult to matchup with the ever increasing cost of living. Moreover, if there is a medical emergency in family, the entire family budget goes for a toss. However, if you have a health insurance in the same medical care can be availed without feeling guilty about losing on family savings. That’s the reason I always say First health care later care your wealth.
Health insurance plays a vital role in day to day life. Risk is uncertain, therefore, before going for any financial investment one should plan a health insurance.
Below are the some important benefits of having health insurance.1. It helps in securing a better future by taking care of entire or partial amount of medical expense in return of a relatively small premium.
2. It lessens heavy financial losses, risk of financial breakdown in case of expensive medical   and post-illness care.
3. It definitely induces a sense of security to the insured.
4. It provides financial security to the family members.
5. It covers your hospitalization and medical bills.
6. It also covers disability and custodial bills.
7. You can avail tax benefits on the premium paid under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

A basic health insurance plan offers coverage for hospital rooms, doctor or surgeon fees, medical tests, medicines and related expenses. It provides you with essential protection plus a range of optional extensions that can be selected to suit your specific insurance requirements
People who can afford little more premium should opt for add-on covers like personal accident cover, critical illness cover, along with basic cover. A health insurance policy bought with add-on covers only adds more security towards yours and your family’s healthcare.
Article by Fareed Khadri