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Why Health Insurance Policy Is A Necessity

​​​In the present era in India, one can hardly consider of staying in an urban set up and not having experienced pressure, angst and melancholy in day-to-day life. One can reason out these as effects of high work pressure surroundings or irregular and not-so healthy food habits or an inactive way of life.

It is very sad to note that a major percentage of heart diseases in India happen to individuals below 40. The presence of taxing lifestyle affects the youngsters the most, thus, making their cardiac health weak. The result is that today most of the teenagers are victim of heart ailments.

It is even more shocking that even in such scenario, many individuals tend to ignore the idea of planning a health insurance​ policy, assuming it as unimportant.

In fact, a heart related illness or heart attack can burn your pocket if ever a need arises. In addition, many health insurance policies do not cover some illnesses immediately. After buying the policy you would need to wait for a prescribed time before availing the policy benefits towards heart related illnesses. Therefore, a wiser decision would be if you can plan your health insurance policy much before anything such happens.
What is covered under such medical health insurance policies?

The medical health insurance policies differ with each other. When you are hunting for a medical health insurance policy, you may find some common benefits offered under each policy like cardiac arrests along with other critical illness such as cancer, stroke, kidney failure, organ transplant, etc.

What do medial health insurance policies offer?

Pre-existing Diseases – Earlier health insurers never offered risk coverage towards pre-existing illness. However, these days, subject to a prescribed time limit of 2-3 years of having a policy, an individual can avail benefits of health insurance towards his/her pre-existing diseases.

No claim Bonus – If you haven’t filed any claim during your health insurance policy tenure, then your health insurance provider will offer you a discount at the time of policy renewal.

​​This discount comes very handy as it offers you same amount of coverage at lower price.
Some of the common benefits one can avail from medical health insurance policy are - like tax benefits, cashless hospitalization, comprehensive expense coverage and reimbursement benefits. However, at the time of buying a health insurance policy, ensure your policy’s premium amount is not exceeding your budget.

Buy a medical insurance policy ​is best when bought early, because your policy’s premium would vary at different age and stages. Last but not the least, before finalizing on any medical health insurance policy, as a thumb rule - read the policy wording carefully.