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Arm Yourself With An Personal Accident Insurance Policy And Stay Secure

The rate of road accidents is very high in India. An accident can make a terrible impact on one's finances with increased spending towards treatment and blocking income until recovery. Accidental death or injury of a breadwinner can create serious financial problems for a family. In such a scenario, it is Personal Accident Insurance​ that can play a vital role to keep the finance smooth and sailing.

Every general insurance company provides standard coverage and benefits under Personal Accident Insurance Policies. These accident policies cover an individual and his/her family against financial loss due to death or disablement arising out by accidental bodily injury.

Most of the people are familiar only with life insurance or health insurance​, and they know very little about Personal Accidental Insurance. A standard personal accident insurance cover is not expensive but it can come in handy in case of a mishap. Self-employed professionals, who travel a lot during the course of their work, will find this personal accident insurance very useful.

Most of the companies, offer personal accident cover to their employees through a Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy. However, this may be a very basic cover and may not offer the benefits offered by a standalone Personal Accident Insurance Policy.

Nowadays, people are getting aware of personal accident insurance policies, thanks to an increase in the number of advertisements by general insurance companies and information available over the internet. Some organizations and agents have started offering Personal Accident Policies in bundling with other products such as motor insurance, credit cards, bank accounts, mutual funds, loans etc.