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Network Vs Non Network Hospitals: What's the Difference?

​While getting health insurance one of the important citations that people look for is the cashless claim and network hospitals. The settlement of the claim is mainly done in two ways either through a cashless transaction or thorough a reimbursement. People often prefer cashless transactions just because it gives them the freedom to get the best possible healthcare without any worry of arranging cash and also saves a lot of paperwork at the later stage that goes into the reimbursement. Also, people are often worried about the risk of getting a failed claim.

This where the entry of network hospitals takes place. The cashless transaction can only be filed at one of the network hospitals of the insurer. Therefore, it is necessary to be acquainted with the difference between both of them. Check health insurance plans before getting one to see and compare if the cashless facility is available and what are network hospitals that are covered. ​

Network and non- network hospitals​

The hospitals that are mentioned in the agreement while getting the insurance from the insurance company are called the network hospitals. These are the hospitals at which you can avail cashless health insurance service in case you get treatment which is subject to the terms and conditions associated with the policy. However, the hospitals that are not mentioned under the contract with the health insurance company are the non-network hospitals. Getting treatment from a network hospital good be a big benefit thus it is important to check the policy papers completely before signing up for the insurance. ​


Your treatment at a network hospital protects you from the long process of collecting and submitting documents for reimbursement. For network hospitalization, the health insurance card and the number could be used simply. Imagine if you get hospitalized in a non-network hospital then all the expenses would have to paid by you and then you will look for reimbursement. In these cases, most people either have to get help from their relatives or should have to spend all their savings.

Arrangement of Cash

The biggest drawback of getting hospitalized at a non-network hospital is that you have to arrange all the cash first hand. Before discharge, all the amount that is pending has to be paid. However, at a network hospital, all of his processes would be cashless.

Waiting Time

There is no waiting time linked to the cashless claim. As soon as you submit your health care the hospital will cross verify it from the insurer and once this is confirmed all the medicals bills will be covered. You may have to carry the bills of medicines for reimbursement later but everything from the side of the hospital will be done free of cost. In a non-network hospital when you make the claim, even after submitting all the documents, there is a waiting period for the verification of the document after which you will get the insured amount.

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