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​​Usually, it is the mistakes of the car insurance​ policy holder which make the claim settlement procedure really difficult. However, they are not done intentionally but cause a lot of damage to the policy owner. Someone who is new to the concept of filing a claim may feel that the process of claiming the insurance is quite easy. But, the claim settlement is just not possible without all the documents ready. 

In some cases, getting the claim faster is all a person needs as he/she cannot travel without a vehicle or perhaps has the only vehicle to travel. In such cases, well organised documents make the process simpler and faster. 

There are a few mistakes which everyone should avoid while making a claim. Follow these steps and get your claim faster – Let the insurer be the judge If the driver who bashed your vehicle concedes his/her fault, your expenses will be covered by your car insurance company. 

Make sure that you do not hide anything and keep your insurer in the loop. Lack of evidence The best you can do is to click pictures of your car from all the directions to give a fair idea to the insurer of what exactly must have happened. This evidence makes it easier for the insurance company agent to arrive at a conclusion and thereby reimburse the expenses if any. 

The pictures of your car are also useful to prove in court if there is a legal issue. Not informing the cops Whether it is a minor or a major car accident, the first thing you must do is to inform the police and get the first information report ready. This report helps you get the claim in case of a settlement. Without an FIR, no insurance company will entertain your claim and without informing a cop, no FIR will be issued. Therefore, you must obtain your FIR copy at the earliest. Absence of vital information Usually after an accident, most people are busy getting the details such as driver’s name, his license, etc. But, it is more important to obtain the owner’s name, car make, model etc. 

These details are actually necessary when a person goes to get the claim. Make sure you get all the relevant details ready before approaching your insurance company for a claim. There is no right time to contact your insurance company After an accident, most of us are more interested in getting the estimate of the repairs to our car. However, the most important thing is to inform your insurance company as early as possible to start the claim procedure. ​​