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Tips To Maintain Mahindra Scorpio

​​Mahindra & Mahindra launched their first SUV almost 12 years ago. They named it Scorpio and that was a turning point for Mahindra & Mahindra. Scorpio won a lot of awards and accolades for its mind-blowing performance on roads. Scorpio was being talked about both in the Indian and international markets. Scorpio was one car which rocked in both departments – looks and performance. The stylish design and rugged performance made Scorpio a huge success. Scorpio owners were and are really satisfied with its performance as it has been a good deal in the long run. However, no car can go on and on without proper maintenance. If maintained with care, Scorpio delivers superb mileage on both city roads and highways. If you own a Scorpio, here are a few maintenance tips you must follow to extend the life of your vehicle.

Check the level of engine oil

This SUV has a heavier engine and therefore needs more lubrication to function smoothly. You must make sure that the engine oil is at optimum levels as inadequate engine oil will hamper its performance and speed up the wear and tear of the essential spare parts. The speedometer of your Scorpio shows a warning sign about the low engine oil level. As soon as you notice this sign, go for the best engine oil in the market and fill up the oil tank to enjoy the smooth ride. If your Scorpio is new, you would need to fill it more quantity of engine oil as a new engine needs more oil for lubricating the internal system.


Have a look at the battery only when you know that the engine is completely turned off and not even on ignition mode. You can start by disconnecting the negative wire from the battery. Check whether or not the exterior of your battery has been corroded. Mix warm water and baking soda to clean off the corrosion. Also, fill distilled water in your battery for it to last longer.

Keep a check on the insurance policy of your Mahindra car

As a responsible owner of your Mahindra car, you must be alert about renewing your Mahindra Sc​orpio insurance on the right time. Even if you delay it by a day, the Scorpio insurance will get expired leaving your car at a risk of being uninsured. Go for the best Scorpio car insurance plan that safeguards your Scorpio well.

Wheel alignment and pressure

Whenever you go to a fuel station, get your tyre pressure checked as incorrect tyre pressure affects the mileage of your car. Also, get your wheels aligned as it improves the life of your tyres and ensures a better road grip.