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Lost Your Job? How Can You Get Affordable Health Insurance?

Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the lives of almost all of us and it is becoming difficult to survive. There are more than a million people who have lost their job due to the pandemic. There are many without health insurance and in these hard times, there is nothing more important than security for your health. Health insurance is something that protects you and your family at the time of emergency and believes us this is the time of the emergency. One could make sure that they do not have to pay anything from their pocket while getting treatment.

It could become difficult to manage a health insurance plan from your savings in case you have lost a job but here are the ways by which you can get affordable health insurance even after being laid off.​​

Finding Insurance where the sum insured is lesser

If your finances are not that in a good position to get a very high plan of the health insurance policy, you can get a very basic one where the sum insures is very less. This means that your premium will also be less and thus won't be too harsh on your pocket. These plans will serve you as a helping hand in times of medical emergency.

Short-Term Insurance

Another way of securing yourself is by getting a short insurance cover instead of a long one. This is especially true for the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that the strength of the virus is getting weakened and we need a plan for less than a year to cover us in case we catch the virus. Thus, having a short insurance plan will not cost in your pocket that much. It will keep you secure until the time you get a new job and is in a position to pay for a better insurance policy.

Special Discount

If you are a healthy soul and have no record of any pre-existing disease or any kind of previous ailments, you may get a great discount from your insurer on getting the insurance. These discounts are subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy. Thus, good health reduced the burden that you may have of the premium amount and allows you to get the same insurance at a lower price.

No Claim Bonus​

Under any insurance policy, you get a no claim bonus for every year that goes without any claim. This bonus is very useful for people who maybe are not in a good place to pay the premium amount. These discounts are a great way to get a better cover. Thus, the key is to stay healthy and have a little benefit of health insurance at your side which is there for emergency purposes.

This pandemic is a very difficult time and we all are going through different kind of hardships. You can also get a coronavirus health insurance, which is specific to coronavirus expenses. Even if you are in a difficult state and left your job you do not need any other hard finial blow and thus having health insurance is necessary. Buy health insurance policy now.