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List of Documents Required for Motor Insurance Claims

​Knowing the process of filing a claim is one of the most important processes of getting a motor insurance. A claim is referred to as a request from the policyholder made to the insurance company for the reimbursement of the loss which has been suffered by the family or the person individually according to the promised terms in the policy papers. There could be a lot of involvement of documents when a person is going to file a claim and thus it is important to understand the value of which document and the role, they play in getting the claim passed. 

These documents are necessary for filing two wheeler and car insurance claims and one must keep them at a safe place and carry a copy of these in the vehicle at all times. ​

Mandatory Document for the Claim

Here is a list of the documents which have been declared as compulsory documents when one needs to file a claim 

Policy Paper: 

This is one of the most crucial documents. This is the document where all the details regarding the policy have been mentioned and are signed by both the insurance company and the insured person. The company agree to the terms and conditions and thus this could also serve as a very basic and necessary document in case of disputes. 

Details of the vehicle: 

All of this will be with your car paper and is a very necessary document to match the details of the car with the car which has been insured in the papers. 

Valid id for a person: 

Insurance company do need a valid id proof from the person and their driving license to match the details mentioned in the policy paper and the owner of the car with what they have been insured for. ID proof is a mandatory document and is necessary for protection from fake claims. 

Accident Details & FIR: 

Insurance will company will also need an FIR from your side which must be obtained from the nearest police station where the accident took place. This FIR would be a helpful document in filing the claim and thus should have all the nitty-gritty of how the accident took place. This should have the car details, how the accident took place, where the accident took place, details of another car if someone else was also involved in the accident. 

No Garage Paper: 


Now if you have repaired your vehicle from a place which is not covered under the network garages of the insurance company. Then the primary responsibility is to take care of all the bills that the garage has given to you. Apart from this, a proper note of the name of the garage, location of the garage, original bills etc must be attached. 

Accidents are always foreseen and no one can predict them thus one must be prepared for them and what you need is a motor insurance. Having a. motor insurance will cover all the damages and will save you from any kind of financial liability that may arise suddenly. Thus, these documents must be kept handy and one must have the basic understanding of the process for filing a claim.