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Lesser Know Features of Health Insurance

​We all know and have read it at almost all the places that how important health insurance is for us all. This goes as far as the government is giving tax benefits to promote people to buy health insurance for them and their family. If you are planning to advise someone to get health insurance or want to get one for yourself and are looking for some different reason which other people might miss out on, you're at the right place. 

Many features of the health insurance are known but if you are looking for some reason which can push you off the seat and can convince your friend to take that one final leap to convince them to get insurance are:​

Not just Allopathic treatment​

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India in 2013 passed guidelines that health plan will not only cover allopathic treatment but Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Ayush treatment as well. After this rule, there have been a lot of health insurers which have emerged with plans which cover all these kinds of treatments. These centres must be government recognised and any of the treatment will pass from the side of the insurer, all the costs will be covered. In the last 5 years, there has been a variety of plan which are launched and all of these come with different terms and conditions. While under some insurance policy this is covered as a primary treatment while under some it is a sub-limit treatment. 

Free Health Check Up

This is a highly unknown and least discussed benefit of health insurance plans. In some insurance it is pre-discussed and it is mentioned clearly that it will offer free health check-ups and particular intervals. The plan is generally available for the policyholders who have had regular 4 or 5 claims a free year. The better thing is that all this will be cashless if is done at a cashless hospital. However, there will be clear guidelines on what is covered under free health check-up and what is not. For example, it is unlikely that a particular test will be covered under the basic free health check-up. 

Day-Care Treatment

You will often witness health care policies which will cover for your home care treatment as well. Sometimes the patient goes through some condition where they are not able to go to the hospital for their treatment and the treatment is done at the home, which includes a lot of charges for the nursing and equipment set up at the home. There are policies which cover this treatment with given terms and conditions generally which refer to the period for which the person could avail the treatment. 

Cash allowance​

This is an add-on feature which you can opt for and it will cover for daily allowance part from the hospital bills. This is also seen as a substitute for income loss and is often necessary to get the family going. 

You buy health insurance online and enjoy all these features and have a secure future for yourself and your family. Choose the best health insurance plan by Reliance and secure your finances​.