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Life is unpredictable- you are exposed to the risk of accidents anytime, anywhere irrespective of your age, gender or where you live. It's better to be prepared to handle these difficult situations. There are several consequences of accidents. You can either be fine or lightly injured or get to face mortality closely. Just like you need life insurance and health insurance for the welfare of you and your family, you should also have a personal accident policy to keep yourself protected against the wrath of an accident.

A standard Personal Accident Insurance policy safeguards your family's financial security in the hour of need. The policy covers death, permanent total disability, temporary total disability, broken bones, and ambulance costs. You can also extend a personal accident insurance plan to include your entire family under a single policy. Most PA insurance policies come with no boundary limits. They offer coverage for accidents in India as well as outside of India, which proves to be a great help.

There are physical as well as financial consequences of accidents. While injuries can impair you temporarily or permanently, they can even drain your lifetime savings, leaving your family in a hard situation without supplies or help. Therefore, securing your family's future and enabling their fundamental day-to-day needs in lack of income becomes an utmost priority for you.

It is imperative to have a personal accident policy as part of your insurance portfolio. It will always give financial support in case of disability after an accident. At the same time, this policy even covers minor accidents like getting injured due to falling off a bicycle or fracturing an arm or leg while playing a game.

 Most insurance companies offer coverage against accidental death or permanent disability due to an accident with different sums insured like Rs 3 lakh, 5 lakh, 10 lakh, 15 lakh, 20 lakh and so on.  Different types of accidents covered under this policy are - accidents caused due to road and rail, accidents due to natural calamities and arising out of terrorism or terrorist acts.

Several companies offer a personal accident insurance policy to their employees through a group cover. The said policy is a fundamental one and only offers few benefits as what a standalone policy would do. If you think that the insurance cover provided by your company is insufficient, then you should definitely buy an independent personal accident policy.

It is essential to buy a personal accident insurance policy that covers disability as there are huge chances of disability when a person gets into a fatal accident. Apart from death and permanent disability cover, you can also get covered against partial and temporary disability. We advise you to ask your insurer about other benefits and coverage that the policy offers. Also, understand the terms and conditions of the same. For example, check if you can avail 24x7 hospitalization benefit or if there is a specific duration. Also, check if there's a waiting period attached to the policy. Ensure that you have all the documents handy while registering a claim.