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How to Smartly Buy Personal Accident Insurance?

​​Accidents do and will happen no matter how careful one behaves.

When you are comfortably enjoying the pace of your lives, the perils ambush you taking all the happiness with them. What comes after them is a shock and big financial burden to cover the damage. Whether it is a temporary disability, severe injury or worst death, they may absorb all your lifetime earnings by leaving an unending scarceness of money behind. To protect the families from this jeopardy, many people take the wise option of Personal Accident Insurance.

Indeed, Personal Accident Insurance Policy is the best way to shield your families with such undesirable experiences. However, one must Consider these things before buying a Personal Accident Policy:

Insurance Company

Your Insurance provider plays a crucial role in your Accident Insurance. Thus, before buying the policy, check the track record of the claim settlement done by the insurer of your choice. Check for their terms and conditions along with experience from their current policyholders.  


It is the amount you pay to the insurance company in order to keep policy live. By choosing the nature and scope of the coverage, you decide premium which is reflected in the coverage. The premium primarily should be in accordance with your financial status. Low-cost premiums are attractive; however, they might expose you to the risk of shorter coverage.

Coverage of the personal accident insurance

Your accident policy must provide coverage to your regular activities, domestic, professional or travelling, which may lead to an accident. The wider the coverage, the more will be financial security.

Things that policy offers

Your personal accident policy should provide you with the advantages of accidental death, un-recoverable disabilities, injuries and fire damage. Also, chose the plans providing the benefits of transportation costs like an ambulance. The accident insurance also must cover the accident happened on foreign land. Lastly, the policies providing a fair amount of compensation to the dependants can be a deciding factor in the process of insurance selection.

Things the policy do not offer

Last but certainly not least, you have to carefully understand all the exclusion from coverage. Generally, accidental policies exclude occupational accidents.

Unlike most policies, Accidental Insurance Policies come up with hassle-free claim settlements. Furthermore, they are the simplest insurance product that does not involve medical tests or a huge amount of paperwork. As a prominent name in the insurance industry, we do not accentuate accidental insurance policies over ​ health insurance plans. However, the core idea behind having insurance is to protect you and your family against all the things that might destroy the harmony of life. By this definition, a personal accident policy becomes equally important as health insurance as it is the one that becomes your shield in this world.