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How To Make A Two Wheeler Insurance Claim For Your Stolen Bike

​​​​​You can make a two wheeler insurance​ claim by following the below mentioned steps:

  • Make a note of the registrations of the other vehicles involved.

  • Take the names and contact details of the other motorists, passengers and other witnesses. Road users are obliged to share this information, as well as their insurance details (such as the name of their insurer).

  • Try to sketch out what happened in the accident.

  • Take photographs of the aftermath if possible – it is always a good idea to carry a camera (perhaps a disposable one) when you ride, or use your mobile phone if that has an in-built camera.

  • And make a note of your location, including road or street names, and the nearest house our business numbers. Write down any other information that could be relevant such as road or weather conditions, plus time of day.

  • Following an accident, you should contact your insurer as soon as possible to report the matter – this applies whether you are planning to make a claim or not, and should be done within 24 hours. You should pass on all the details you took from the scene of the accident.

  • If you do want to make a claim, your insurer will ask for an assessor to work out the extent of the damage and what it will cost to repair your motorcycle​. This will usually involve you taking the bike to a local garage approved by your provider.​

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