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Easy Steps for Filing a Car Insurance Claim

If you have a car insurance policy ​​immediately after your car is damaged or you meet with an accident. If you want to get the coverage by the insurance company, you must follow certain procedure to get the claim hassle free. The thumb rule of filing a claim is to inform the insurance company about the exact situation and be ready to follow the procedure properly

​#1 Proper documentation

You will not be entertained unless your report is not well documented. You need to submit the proof to your insurance company in order to get cover. You must click pictures of the damage properly and from all the angles. Even if you or some other person who was in the car at the time of accident must be clicked as it is required to submit as proof to the insurance company. Along with the pictures, the claim form must be duly filed and signed by the insurance policy holder. You need to mention each and every minute detail about where and how the accident happened.

#2 Immediate contact

Most insurance companies have a 24 hour helpline number provided along with the ford insurance policy. As it is mandatory to have a copy of your car insurance policy in your car, you can quickly get the helpline number without wasting much time. The insurance company authorities may ask you to send all the relevant details about the accident via email or fax which is required to file a claim. Even if you have lost money or time, you can mention it in the report which you submit to the ford insurance company. Make sure that all your statements must be based on facts and evidences. You will have to maintain a proper file of all the documents and submit it to the insurance company.

#3 Ask for assistance

​​​​​​​​​​ If you are filing a claim for the first time, there are chances that you are stuck at several stages of filing a ford insurance claim. You can ask for assistance from the executive at the insurance company. You will get complete assistance if you are dealing with a reliable insurance company. Some insurance companies will instantly process your claim while other companies will usually take some time.

#4  Most insurance companies have a tie-up with a few automobile service centres. You can visit any of the service centres which are associated with the insurance company for a thorough inspection of the damages and thereby obtaining an estimate. 

#5 A person from the insurance company will visit your premises to inspect your car. After assessing the statements by a witness and reviewing certain details, the insurance executive will decide whether or not the insurance company is liable to pay.