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How to Customize a Group Health Insurance Policy?

​As an employer, you might want to ensure that all your employees stay in good health. A group health insurance policy is a great indication that you genuinely care for them. You want to deliver them the cover of health insurance. These days young startups and well-established companies buy this policy for uncountable benefits. It delivers health insurance benefits to your employees and also assists you to keep the best talent in your company. 

Many insurance companies in India deliver group health insurance policy, many of which offer various or unique benefits and features. There are basic plans that only deliver health insurance coverage, while comprehensive group medical plans, including add-ons, come with extra advantages.

You can compare customizing your group health insurance policy to customizing your preferences while ordering pizza. You get an opportunity to choose between the crust, which can be thin, pan fresh, or cheese stuffed. Then there are many other options for extra cheese or for different toppings like onions, chicken, olives, or corn. You choose your preferences to match your taste. Similarly, you can customize a group health insurance plan to make it fit your business requirements.

Listed below are some ways you can follow to strengthen a group insurance policy:

Family coverage

Let’s continue with the pizza concept-

You may like a regular pizza ordered by a friend for you. But you will like it more when it has the base and toppings that you like the most. 
Think about how your employees feel when you give them the advantages of group health insurance. Obviously, they will like it as now they need not worry about getting high-quality health care treatment when needed. However, they will appreciate it, even more, when the policy also covers their family members. 

You can customize a group health insurance policy to include spouses, parents, and children of your employee under one plan. Doing this will make your employees realize what’s important for them and what you look out for.

Additional Maternity Benefits

Young women employees get maternity benefits from their employees, specifically in the BPO and IT sectors according to the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961. It is because child-delivery expenses have also reached to the sky heights. 

Your group medical claim policy might also offer maternity benefits to all the women in your company. To add more advantages, you can increase the maternity coverage limit in the policy by choice. You can set specific limits of health insurance policy for standard, ectopic pregnancies, or cesarean sections as well. 

Copay Limit Removal

A copay is the share of the claim that your employees have to pay while having the advantages of the group policy. Standard copay ranges from ten to twenty percent, which differs according to policy terms. However, there are many provisions to remove copay to permit full indemnity i.e. full coverage. You should check with your insurer about customizing your group mediclaim policy this way.

In short, customizing group health insurance policy implies selecting the most suitable ways to make sure the maximum health coverage to your employees. So buy group health insurance​ and give all the benefits to your employees.