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​​You should buy Travel Insurance as soon as you have finalized your trip and are done with making the related payments. However, in case you are late, you are eligible to purchase your policy latest by a day before your trip.

Buying a travel insurance policy​ has some obvious benefits.

It’s mandatory in some countries: Travel insurance is imperative to your Visa processing in certain countries. You need to submit your policy documents for your Visa to be processed. Hence, having a travel insurance copy in hand early is important.
Research is key: You get time to contemplate and research on the kind of Travel Insurance you need.  e.g. Comprehensive medical coverage for countries with exorbitant medical expenses or special coverage against terrorism where terrorism is quite prevalent.
Peace of mind is crucial: Purchasing a buy Travel Insurance policy is a tricky proposition. You need to ensure you have gone through all the terms and conditions and small prints before you purchase it.  Buying your policy early gives you ample of time to read the small prints and make sure that you are not surprised during claim settlements.