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How do I reduce my Two wheeler insurance premium?

​​Higher the coverage, higher is the premium commanded by the insurance company. Ensure that you go through the policy details and select the coverage which is optimum in terms of both sum insured and premium

 Be a safe driver and enjoy the discount offered. Insurance company knows that a good driver means low risk probability and willingly offers a precise percentage of discounts on your premium.
Companies offer No-Claim bonus​ to vehicles where no claim had been made in the past. Therefore, driving safely ensures that you get an NCB discount during renewal and reduces your premium
Voluntary Deduction is another option where insured agrees to pay for an amount directly proportional to the discount on the premium. In long term, it is not advisable to have this option as it leads to low claim amount.
Some insurance companies offer discounts on certain professions, research such insurers and approach them for your insurance. In addition to these, there are certain aspects like Age of the owner, petrol engines and age of the car grabs you some benefits.​ Therefore, use the above mentioned tips and enjoy steep discounts on your bike insurance premium​

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