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​​​​Whether you are buying a new car or a used one, the first thing you must do is to buy car insurance​. It is your first step towards the safety of your car. However, not many people are good at viewing the various car insurance policies that are being offered and accordingly choosing the right one. There are people who completely rely on friends, relatives or an insurance agent when it comes to buying an insurance policy. The actual process of selection and choosing the best one is quite tedious and one needs some solid knowledge on the concept of insurance. If you are not equipped with the right knowledge of car insurance policy or how exactly the premium of your car policy calculated is, we will make it simple for you. Most people are only worried about the way their premium is calculated. Let us answer a few questions commonly asked by prospective car policy buyers. 

How much car insurance do I need?
Nobody can quote an exact amount of how much car insurance a person could require. However, there are certain parameters on the basis of which an insurance company arrives on a figure. Most insurance companies have a premium calculator or car insurance calculator on their website or on the brochure. One must get a fair idea of how much premium he/she should pay for the car insurance policy before actually buying one. Based on the figure, the insurance company offers certain benefits to the policy holder. If you think a particular benefit is not covered in your policy, you should get in touch with the insurance company and ask about it. There is a possibility that the benefit you require is available at a premium cost. Hence, you must pay a little extra on your premium and avail the benefit. You must never reduce some vital benefits from your car insurance policy to save a few thousand bucks.

Now, you must be wondering how an online application can suggest you a premium based on your requirement. Most people have talked about insurance products with an agent till now. It is very simple. You just have to enter a few details in the online calculator like the status of ownership, previous policy details if any, some vital information about your vehicle like make, model and sum insured if any. On the basis of a few facts provided by you, the insurance calculator suggests a particular policy or premium amount that is suitable according to your requirement. You can make alterations to the suggested policy by adding or subtracting a few features. Usually, an affordable premium is generally accepted by the prospect policy holder.

However, you must not rely on the insurance calculator completely. At the same time, a person must not buy or reject a policy just because of the premium amount. You must ensure that you get enough benefits at an affordable price.