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How Beneficial is Group Health Insurance for Employers?

​To cover up a group of people under an insurance policy, corporate identities can retain employees for long. Read on to know more. Taking up a group health insurance policy is good for both employees as well as employers. Before you reach any conclusion, it's better to consider the details below:

How beneficial it is for the employer?​

  • Good motivation for the employees
  • To cover up the medical expenses of employees, it's important to have corporate health insurance for all. If your company ensures them against higher hospitalization expenses, employers can motivate their employees to a large extent. ​

  • Larger Possibility of retention of employees
    Nowadays, every company is becoming employee-centric and group health insurance can play a major role in retaining the employees for long. The great news is that certain group policies also cover up the medical expenses of the family members of employees. This type of security makes workers stay connected to a particular company for long.

  • Low-cost policies
    The best part is that group health policies can be bought at low cost or no cost to the employee because they are offered with great discount.

  • Get easy premium payment options
    As per the company's policy, an employer may decide to pay the premium on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. It totally depends upon the convenience of the employer.

  • Huge tax benefits
  • When employers buy group health insurance for employees, they get tax benefits as the policy will help in reducing the tax liability.

    Some of the prominent benefits for employees are discussed below:

  • No medical check-up needed
    In case of a group health insurance, employees will not have to undergo a medical check-up and submit medical reports. They can easily be a part of a group health plan with no complications of check-up and all.

  • Default insurance cost

  • It is to note that all members of the group are eligible to auto cover just by being part of that group. The policy provides basic insurance coverage to people who are having no health insurance on their names.

  • Waiting period​

  • When you become a part of group health insurance as an employee, there will be no waiting period. Even diseases like diabetes and heart issues are covered from the very first day.

  • Institutional support during the claim

  • Without considering the status of health, insurance is offered to all the members of the group. This type of insurance is beneficial for those who want to get the policy at affordable rates but could not get it due to the current health state.

  • Maternity coverage from the first day
    Maternity expenses are covered from the first day when an employee is enrolled under the group health plan in almost all the companies. When you join an organization and become part of the policy, you are eligible for the maternity benefits thereon.  

  • Useful for the well-being of employees
    Becoming part of group health insurance policies plays a significant role for the employees to secure their health along with their families.

    How to take some extra benefits with riders?

    Whenever you plan to take up the group insurance for employees, you can also avail more benefits with the help of riders. You can simply add riders like critical illness and accidental insurance to the health plan. A large number of optional benefits are available including dental treatment, reimbursement of ambulance cost, spectacles cost can also be covered after the payment of additional premium.