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​​​​​Today travelling to any part of world is very convenient. Thanks to the ease of today’s mode of travelling that people fly between countries for business meets yet manage to be back home for dinner. It is probably because of the convenience with which people can travel around the world that today they prefer travelling overseas not only for work purpose but also for leisure.

However, irrespective of how easily and fast you can travel to which part of world, even today during a journey one isn’t free of risks and perils. Therefore, while you are on a trip, you have to keep many things in mind, like having a good holiday insurance. If you are flying to abroad for first time, ensure you plan your journey and vacation travel i​nsurance​ well in advance.
Be familiar with your travel destination -
Prior to stepping out for an overseas trip, try to find out about the culture and traditions of your travel destination. Such a study would give a general idea about the present weather conditions of the country you are planning to visit. Thus, you can pack you baggage accordingly. While you are trying to know about the place, gather information about which locations would you like to see there and accordingly make a list. Do carry a local map of the city you are visiting.
Fulfill the required medical formalities, if any -
As it has been mandated by some countries, you might have to go through certain immunizations and vaccinations before entering the territory of the country. Find out about any such existing norm and complete the required medical formalities.
Avoid heavy baggage -
The more luggage you have during your trip, more will be your worries. Try to maintain a lighter baggage, which is easy to carry and attend during your trip.

Be careful about your travel documents -
One of the most important things you need to take care of before and during your overseas tour is your travel documents. Keep your travel documents, including your vacation travel insurance, in order and within reach. If possible, try keeping copies of documents in different places, this would help you if they are misplaced. Ensure if you can use your bank cards overseas. Like your documents, try to keep your cards too in different places, this would provide you with a source of money, even if you are pick-pocketed.