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​We all can agree today that life is filled with unexpected things at every moment. None of us can know what may happen the next day, either good or bad. With an unhealthy lifestyle and poor state of living, more and more people are falling ill. Equally, we are seeing a rise in the cost of medical care. The treatment for many diseases looks unaffordable to a middle-class individual. In case of lack of fund, a health condition can put the family under financial stress. 

If the person is especially challenged, then they have to visit a doctor frequently. It can lead to dipping financial stability which is a serious concern. When choosing health insurance for a physically challenged person, there are several factors that one has to keep in their mind. India houses the largest population of disabled people in the world. Let's take a look at a quick guide and how to protect a specially challenged person with the means of health insurance.

Availability of Health Insurance for a Disabled person

It is the most common challenge for all people trying to get insurance. Is there any health insurance designed for disabled person.? If getting a normal policy, what are the clauses one must understand? There are several insurance companies which offer plans designed for physically challenged people. There are insurance companies which provide a lump sum on death, while some provide standard benefits like other policies. It's necessary to research and seek information before finalising any policy. With more details, a person will be able to make a clear decision and get their hands on the best policy, at a lower premium. 

Accident Disability Insurance

It is essential to have an accident disability insurance along with a standard health insurance plan. Personal accident insurance is a way of safeguarding yourself for unpredictable times. Accident insurance makes sure that you are prepared for future uncertainties. Often, health insurance companies treat a disabled person as a normal applicant with no extra clauses. It makes the process of getting health insurance very easy. 

Documents required

The requirement of specific documents varies from company to company. Companies often ask for a report by a doctor to understand the disability in a better way. Details regarding tests conducted are needed to know that at what level does the disability hinders with a person's ability to perform the daily task. 

Schemes provided by Government

India is a developing nation. The Government is working towards providing aid to a disabled person in every sector. Nirmalya Health insurance is one of these schemes for people with mental disability. It offers a cover of 1 lakh at a lower premium. Another policy is Swamlamban Health Insurance scheme. It can be availed by any person suffering from disability whose family income is less than 3,00,000 per annum. It offers a single premium for all the age groups. 

A lot of improvement in the health sector for physically challenged people is needed. A disabled person who doesn't fall under the high-risk category can get standard health insurance as a normal applicant. More reforms in future are expected to meet the demands.

Select the best health insurance policy for your treatment and hospitalization expenses. Choose a policy which will help you safeguard your savings. Purchasing online is hassle free and convenient now!​