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                                                                                                        -Mark Yarnell

With the plethora of health insurance companies on the market it has become exceptionally difficult to select the most suitable health insurance policy for our needs. Hence, we need to focus on the things that set apart the best health insurance companies from the rest. Let’s breeze through the features of these companies to make our choice easier:

1. Claim settlement ratio: What is claim settlement ratio​? It is basically the probability of your claim being settled and the time in which it would be settled. The health insurance companies with the higher claim settlement ratio have a higher chance of settling your claim. Hence, keep in mind the claim settlement ratio when you buy your policy.

2. Network hospitals: The biggest factor while selecting a health insurance policy is the proximity of their network hospitals. In a network hospital you can avail the benefit of cashless hospitalization. Therefore is it imperative to have a number of network hospitals near your house. The best health insurance​ companies are the ones with a huge number of network hospitals.

3. Additional benefits:Who doesn’t like something extra? The best insurance companies are known to entice the customers with amazing discounts and additional benefits. Many of the leading health insurance companies offer preventive healthcare programs to their customers to keep them fit and healthy. Therefore, ensure you don’t miss out on any of these offers when you hunt down that perfect health insurance policy from.

4. Reputation: It is always suggested to research a bit about the health insurance companies and the reviews of existing customers before jumping on the bandwagon. Isn’t it better to learn from others mistakes rather than making your own?​

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