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Guide to Increase Health Insurance Coverage

​Every individual or family tries to build a financial safety shield on their savings that their savings keep unaffected. Unforeseen emergencies such as serious health issues or injuries/accidents have serious financial consequences that lead to high expenditures. All these points clearly show the importance of buying health insurance.

The responsibility of a family-oriented person does not end here, as one needs to focus on every member’s health conditions and the required cover. In India, medical facilities and treatments are growing so as the cost of treatment. As the age grows, increasing health insurance cover is always a good idea to safeguard the life savings. 

As you are increasing the cover amount, you may also doubt paying a higher premium. However, there are several ways through which you can get a higher cover at an affordable premium.

Mentioned below are certain ways to enhance health insurance coverage 

Early purchase 

Buying an insurance policy at an early age is a good idea; you have to pay a lower premium, as the premium amount increases with your age. Also, as the age increases there are chances of developing medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and blood pressure, etc. increases, and due to all these factors the amount of premium increases. 

Having a medical policy provided by the company (employer) and thinking that it is enough for the family’s protection during medical emergencies is not a good idea, as the policy remains no longer valid the day you leave the organization. Therefore, having a separate medical policy for the family is a wise decision and help you in having increased health coverage. 

Choose a comprehensive family health plan

Buying a comprehensive family health insurance is more beneficial than the individual, as one can get higher medical coverage for numerous medical needs. Family floater plans are more helpful and beneficial rather than buying a plan for every member of the family. In a family plan, you need to pay a single premium and can get all the benefits. In almost all medical plans, the premiums are set as per the age of the oldest family member, so if your family members are young then you have an added advantage. 

Apart from this, there are several other features such as no claim bonus in which policyholders can increase the sum assured by a specific percentage of each no-claim year. 

Super top-up plans

To increase health cover, super top-up plans are highly beneficial. Specially designed to provide extra coverage over a particular deductible, the amount is borne by the policyholder by directly paying from the pocket or via existing medical plan. 

The best and biggest advantage of all these plans is the pocket-friendly premium. Super top-up plans have more financial advantages as compare to top-up plans. 

To live a stress-free life, you can choose any of the above mentioned points to increase your health coverage. Take a step towards protecting your family’s health by choosing an enhanced insurance plan that covers a high range of medical expenses.