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​​Everyone likes to be free of sickness and live a healthy life, but sometimes things don’t work as planned and sudden illness or hospitalisation can cause major dent in finances or savings. So take care of such eventualities, it is always important and necessary to avail Health insurance and be risk free. Medical insurance protects high costs of healthcare. 

Simultaneously, for every company, the health of its employee is of prime importance for the work should not suffer. Keeping this view in mind, insurance providers have come out with many plans in the form of group insurance which caters to group of people in a company and takes care of their health and well being in case of sickness and hospitalisation. ​

This type of insurance helps companies in reducing the risks associated with the health of the employee.

With the cost of medication and health care on rise, the companies cannot afford to burden the employees with the extra cost of medication and hospitalisation. 

Almost all government or private health insurance providers offer best plans to corporates at affordable prices and at affordable premiums to cover their employees. 

Along with the employee, the insurance providers provide coverage to the employee’s immediate family in group insurance.

There are many benefits of Group insurance policy. 

Benefits of Group Health Insurance Policy

Employers are able to retain the best talent pool for their organisation by providing the employee and their families extra benefit of Health insurance 

It helps in ensuring the employees are always stressed free from the medical expenses and hospitalisation.

Considerable trust develops between the Employer and the employee for it’s the job of the employer to take care of the well being of the employee and its family.

This extra benefit to employees helps in luring new talent to the organisation.

It plays a significant role in influencing psychology of the employee.

It helps in cutting down the attrition rate associated with the employees leaving the companies in big numbers.

Good health of employee always helps in increasing the productivity of the organisation and both are benefitted mutually.

Employees are more faithful towards the employer.

Companies which offer coverage to the employees are eligible for Income tax deductions.

Salient Features of Group Mediclaim Policies

It takes care of the health of the employees along with their family members.

It offers cover to the employee, spouse, children and dependent parents.

It covers all pre existing diseases with no questions asked.

It provides cover for cashless as well as planned hospitalisation in case of employee or the member of the family suffers from any illness.

Some providers provide maternity covers also.

There are major benefits like no ambulance charges, no sanitation charges in case of hospitalisation which can be availed by the employee.

It also provides full recovery of the cost incurred on specialist doctor’s visit or other associated charges which are usually not provided in individual policies.
Some plans ensure that employees can have a detailed health check up every year under the policy and the cost is covered by the provider.