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Getting a Schengen Visa is now Easy

 Indian travellers are really active and are willing to visit new and offbeat destinations every year. Almost, every foreign country is welcoming the Indian tourists all round the year especially European countries are taking active initiatives to make the process of providing visas to Indian travellers as fast as they can. The European government has made the visa system fast and smooth for all the other Schengen countries. All these things are facilitated in order to woo the Indian tourists. Last year, a French consulate modified the information gathering procedure performed to collect the information of the travellers looking for a Schengen visa. This step simply doubled the number of visa applications processed each day.

This move has also helped France which is looking for increasing the number of tourists coming to France every year. The French government is gradually trying to process one visa within a couple of days which brings them closer to their goal.

Most Schengen countries almost take a fortnight to process one visa but the consulates of the country are trying their best to cut down on the processing time.

Did you know that more than 10 million Indians travel abroad annually, out of which 20% of them visit a Schengen country?  Nearly 30 lakh Indians travel to a European country every year. The best part is that the consulates of the Schengen countries are not just processing the visa applications faster but are also actively helping out people who are facing problems while getting a Schengen visa. 

It is the visa that takes the maximum time while arranging the documentation required for a foreign tour. An overseas destination earns the spotlight when the visa procedure is simpler and faster. More and more countries are providing tourists with a facility of visa on arrival. Those which are not providing visa on arrival are also trying their best to process the visa applications quicker. 

India and Indians hold a credible image in the eyes of Schengen countries. Hence, there are chances that Indian travellers will get hassle free Schengen visas in the days to come. Getting a Schengen visa is easy but one must also not forget the importance of carrying travel insurance for Schengen visa‚Äč. You may not know that it is mandatory to have travel insurance for Schengen visa when you are travelling to a Schengen country. One must compare the various travel insurance‚Äč for Schengen visa policies provided by the insurance companies and select the right one which provides the maximum cover at an affordable price.