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Get Insured With A Family Floater Health Insurance

​​​​Year 2009, after completing my studies in Medicine, I joined one of the Leading General Insurance Co's in India. Irrespective of the fact that health insurance​ offers significant financial support in the hour of need, only up to 5% of the Indian population are said to be covered under​ health insurance plans.
Earlier I was of the same opinion like others, "why do these insurance advisers always follow-us for getting insured? Why shall we invest our money into the company which in turn makes profits?" But to my realization, my thought was proved to be wrong. During my employment with the Organization, my parents and I were insured under a Group Mediclaim Policy. It was during that phase, when following a medical emergency my father was admitted in hospital and the entire cost related to his treatment and hospitalization was paid by the insurance company. It was then I understood the importance of being insured. Since then I not only make sure to insure my family and myself under a good health insurance plan, but also advise others to get insurance for themselves and their families.
It was that time when I had advised one of my neighbors to get insured. She lost her parents in her childhood, and all they left behind for her was a sister and a small house. After her parents, she was the sole bread earner. She was working as a Salesperson in a Retail Shop (Garments) for mere Rs 5000/- per month. She gave a thought to my suggestion and got herself and her sister insured under a health plan of Rs 2 lakh each.
After a period of 2 years, her sister was diagnosed with Congestive Cardiac Failure. As they were covered under a health insurance plan, funding of the treatment was not an issue. Therefore, she got her sister admitted in a corporate hospital instead of a government hospital. Her health insurance plan took care of the entire cost of the treatment and hospitalization. However, life had something else in store for her as even after timely treatment and medical care, her sister surrendered to death.
True that their health insurance plan failed to bring her sister back to life, but it made sure to provide her with the right and best possible treatment. After losing her parents, it would have been extremely difficult for her to accept her sister’s demise; but she may not live in guilt of not providing her sister with the right treatment.
There’s no alternative to life. You may fail to save someone’s life, but it should not stop you from doing so. Every attempt that you make to protect a life counts. You may fail once, but never stop trying.
Article by Dr. Himavan Surampalli

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