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​​At the time you are planning to buy a health insurance​​ plan, you will come across of the best offers with great premium. However, buying the right policy to suit your needs would be a task of responsibility, especially when you opt for a health insurance online plan. In the haste of fulfilling this requirement and getting a perfect deal, one often commits some common mistakes.
Here are few free health insurance tips to avoid these common mistakes while buying an health insurance online policy.

Picking up a health insurance without any comparative study: It is not necessary that the first health insurance online policy​ you come across is the perfect plan for you. In order to buy a right health insurance policy, you need to do a good comparative study of other similar policies available in the market.

Understand the policy conditions: At the time of buying a health insurance online policy, make it a thumb rule to read the policy document because in order to get you claims approved you should be aware of each and every details of your policy.
Think from long term perspective: It makes more sense to buy a policy which promises to offer you coverage even at your old age. Short term policies might not fulfill this criteria.
Price is not everything: The 'price' of an insurance should not be your only criteria to pick a plan because a cheaper health insurance online policy may not cover all your requirements. Remember, your insurance 'premiums should be proportional to the benefits'.
Share complete information with your health insurance company: You will often come across people complaining about their claims being rejected. Remember, at the time of buying a health insurance, an insured is required to share all the information about his/her family's medical history, which he/she knows or is ought to know. Failing to do so, the chances of your claim getting rejected just gets higher.
Reading the health insurance exclusions: While you are making note of what all your policy covers, also ensure that you read about what the policy does not covers. Consult a doctor to get a better idea of which of the illnesses/diseases, mentioned in the exclusion list, you may be prone to.
Noone is perfect, thereby we all fall in traps some or the other way and commit mistakes. But then, in order to learn the art of breaking-open the trap, it is not necessary to fall in one. One can also learn from other's mistakes. If you have already got an insurance plan, share your experience with others. And if you have not got any yet, get one now and stay in pink of your health.