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Family Travel Insurance

With the world shrinking, travel has become an easy thing these days. This is vastly supported by various modes of travel like Ships and Planes. Many far off places have sprung as new tourist destinations across the world and this is only possible for the time taken to visit these new places have become short due to hi-speed planes. So places which were remote few years back have now become major tourist destinations around the world.

And with the economies of the world growing on a faster pace, travel has become an important part of leisure and what fun if the entire family plans a vacation together to a foreign country.

Travelling with family adds more fun to the vacation and it adds more value to the travel.​

When entire family is going on a vacation or trip, no one wants that the holiday gets cut short due to some sickness or medical emergency due to a member of the family.

Due to the fear of the terrorists looming large across all countries and the weather playing havoc, no one knows what lays in store for them on the planned vacation.

Due to natural calamities also on rise across the world, no one can predict how the vacation will turn out to be and should not end up being a nightmare.

Keeping all these aforesaid mentioned conditions in mind, it is very important to buy a travel insurance policy which caters to every member of the family and at an affordable premium.

Before making a planned trip to a foreign land with family for the purpose of fun or pleasure or business, it is very important to consider buying a travel insurance plan for the entire family.

Travel insurance for the entire family is also called as Family Floater. It covers the entire family for the sum assured during the course of travel and only one premium has to be paid for such a policy. It provides a comprehensive coverage for the entire family at one premium.

With so many private players present in the travel insurance sector, each tries to outdo the other. So it is always important to buy a sound and reasonable family floater travel policy before embarking on a trip.

Before buying a policy, it is very important to understand what the family floater plan will cover and things which cannot be claimed.  This helps in understanding the policy in more better manner.

Family floater travel insurance is very economical and it safeguards the interests of the entire family during the course of travel. It is favourable too for parents below 60 years of age visiting abroad to their loved ones.
Basically, the policy offered by providers covers all family members from the age of 6 months to 60 years of age. If the member of the family is above 60 years, individual policy needs to be bought for that member.

Like every other type of policy, travel insurance policy also has many inclusions and exclusions for the policy and such terms and conditions are necessary to be read before signing on the dotted lines.​