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Should you Buy a Family Travel Insurance

​​Vacations are always a good  thing and when they are taken along with the family to an exotic place, the pleasure is limitless and beyond words. 

But travelling with entire family in tow to a foreign land has its own pros and cons and there are many things to be considered before planning such a trip.

First and foremost, the health and safety of each and every family member is of utmost importance to an individual on a trip. That is the responsibility of the individual which should be properly taken care of and such trips are to be planned accordingly. 

Trips to foreign destinations can turn out to be sometimes jumpy rides and may become a nightmare.

It is always advisable to buy a proper family travel insurance plan while visiting a foreign country with the family.

The major benefit of family travel insurance is that all members of family are covered under one policy and only one premium has to be paid for such a policy. 

Sickness or Emergency hospitalisation

The cost of medical treatment may be high and it varies from country to country. Especially in the countries like America and UK, the cost of medical expenses is always high.

So, when you embark on a trip with the family, no one wants that any member of the family falls sick or has to be admitted for emergency hospitalisation. The cost of such treatment may be unimaginable and may be beyond the reach of the family. There are many a chances, it may dent hole in savings. So to avoid such circumstances, it is very important to buy family floater plan which ensures peace of mind in such scenarios. It takes care of sickness and emergency medical expenses in the visiting country during the entire course of the trip irrelevant of which member of the family falls sick. 

Loss of Passport

There are many a times, due to mishandling, there may be loss of passports of any member, personal belongings or important documents and may be a cause of nightmare. Such uneventful conditions are taken proper care by family floater plan for it safeguards any eventualities arising on the loss of such important documents of any member of the family.

Baggage Loss

This forms the core of the travel insurance. Loss of Baggage is a scenario which no one likes to face.  Many a times there is loss of baggage during vacation and it may be due to many reasons like stopover flights, change in flights, and in transit. Such scenarios are properly taken care by adequate family travel insurance. 

Having a good family floater plan takes care of cancellation of trip or postponement of trip with adequate compensation. The cancellation may be due to various reasons like death in family or natural calamities in the visiting country, protests or civil war.